I have been reflecting upon karma. I have not read at all about what the scriptures say, but after samadhi last night there has been an insight that has stayed with me.
Karma relates to action and the result of action in perfect equilibrium. All karma must be balanced. But acquiring knowledge itself is karma, as knowledge that one believes to be true could in fact lead to ignorance. Accepting or rejecting certain knowledge and acting in accordance with gathered knowledge leads to karma and perpetual transmigration. True knowledge can only be gained through direct experience and revelation, not through intellect, and the results of knowledge and action is experienced initially through the duality of pleasure and pain for the body and mind, senses and psychic organs.
The jiva continues the birth and death cycle, realising that suffering is apparent, but eventually after many births, conceptually understands what religions teach is that suffering can cease if good acts outweigh bad acts and human life can be transcended. So pleasure and pain duality comes to good and bad duality. After much more evolution, the jiva gains knowledge through direct experience that successful meditation transcends duality of pleasure/pain and good/bad, so this knowledge is integrated. Further karma is accrued if the jiva seeks out ego gratification and duality. After much growth, the jiva is self realised and the duality of Shiva/jiva gradually dissolves following liberation. When the realisation I AM THAT is integrated into direct experience, the jiva is no longer the doer, and all that exists is one. Realisation is integrated through Jnana, but experienced through samadhi and siddhis, like visions of the Light of Shiva, knowledge of past present and future etc. If a jiva realises he has more than 5 senses, he must be more than a man and could in fact be Shiva.
I have a theory. Absolute knowledge is true in all contexts and is not subject to modification or change. So duality does not exist. It simply is. If absolute knowledge is directly experienced and integrated, this can exponentially reduce overall suffering and transmigration. A jiva must first seek out an end to suffering to take action and make correct decisions to achieve this end. First it is good and bad as it is in religious teachings but then he/she must go beyond. What if it took a jiva 1000 births to go from religious dualistic worship to achieve realisation? Isn"t it the direct experience of Shiva, whether through samadhi, bliss, siddhis initially and then jnana later the catalyst that results in duality dissolving? If a jiva experiences that a greater reality exists beyond this earth and the five senses, is this knowledge all that matters? What if transmigration only exists because absolute knowledge has not been integrated into this world correctly? I know I should not interfere in the karma of humanity like I am speaking, but what if it can be done? Divine experiences will lead a jiva to rejecting that which is not divine. Absolute knowledge will lead a jiva to rejecting all other knowledge.
I feel that Shiva has given me many gifts that are awakening. I also feel like I am receiving constant divine guidance as to what decisions I should be making, the direction of my life, my thoughts, where I go, what to read etc. In dreams I am being trained by some divine force with lessons that seem to occur and reoccur if I make certain mistakes or errors of judgement in daily life. I will establish a system that furthers all available knowledge on realising the full grandeur of Shiva, and such knowledge will be for those who are already liberated, as only a handful in a billion will be able to accept the teachings.
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