Dear All,

My name is Janardhan and resident of Ananthapur, Andhra Pradesh, India. I have taken Mahashodashi Mantra initiation in the year 2013 and have completed the recitations of Mahashodhasi mantra for prescribed number of 9 lakh times and I am continuing to recite it daily.

Recently during meditation, I got a flash / revelation of a new meditation technique. I have started practicing this technique and it is helping me in reaching the Parama Shiva state easily. After practicing this new technique, I am experiencing the Divine Bliss intensively and I cannot express the feeling of this Divine Bliss in words and it has to be experienced by oneself. My mind started becoming empty without thoughts even during the day time when I am not meditating. For the benefit of other Sadhakas, I want to share the meditation technique, so that they can try and experience the Divinity.

Meditation Technique:

For convenience sake I have divided this technique into 8 stages and Sadhaka has to gradually move from stage 1 to stage 8. Before moving from one stage to another stage, Sadhaka has to repeat/practice the technique of that stage for 9 times. (this is explained in the table below).


Following six steps comprising of 1 single set. Whenever we refer 1 set, the following 6 steps should be repeated as part of that set.

  1. Start with Ganesh Prayer
    "Om Shuklam Bharadharam Vishnu Sashivarnam Chathurbhujam prasannavadhanam dhyaet sarvavignopa Shanthae".
  2. MahaGanapathi mantra
    "Om shrim hrim klim glaum gam ganapataye varavarada sarvajanamme vashamanaya svaha"
  3. Guru Mandala using Mrugi mudra
  4. Chant your Siddhi Mantra 28 times.
  5. Chant Mahashodashi Mantra while concentrating on Agna Chakra, gradually proceed to Sahasrara and then to Paramashiva State.
  6. Conclude with the Siddhi Mantra.

The above six steps form one set.

Now repeat the sets and sessions in each stage as per the following Table:

Stage -1 Doing 2 Sets make it single session in this stage 9 session to be practiced before moving to next Stage
Stage -2 Doing 3 Sets make 1 single session in this stage
Stage -3 Doing 4 Sets make it single session in this stage
Stage -4 Doing 5 Sets make it single session in this stage
Stage -5 Doing 6 Sets make it single session in this stage
Stage -6 Doing 7 Sets make it single session in this stage
Stage -7 Doing 8 Sets make it single session in this stage
Stage -8 Doing Sets make it single session in this stage


Few minutes break can be observed between the sets in each session

Each session has to be completed in a single sitting. They cannot be split.

One session or more sessions may be done in a single day, as long as each session is done in single sitting

If a Sadhaka is advancing, then he/she may reduce the duration per set, according to his/her convenience. There is no fixed duration/timeline to practice each set. This is because if the Sadhaka in 5th Stage, he/she has to repeat six sets per session which will take lot of time. He/she may reduce the time for each set according to their convenience.

Janardhan can be contacted at

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