Magha Gupta Navaratri (22nd Jan - 30th Jan 2023)

The first nine nights of the waxing phase of the Magha lunar month in the North Indian calendar, are also referred as the Magha Śyāmalā Navarātri and dedicated to the worship of Śrī Mātaṅgi and all aspects of Śrī Kāli, such as the Daśamahāvidyā-s. Śrī Mātaṅgi Devi is the tantric Sarasvati or the Goddess of Knowledge, both spiritual and material, speech, writing, as well as of all scientific and literary art forms. All that is known and unknown is Her.

Rāja Śyāmala devi is propitiated during this Navaratri ie from Māgha śuddha pratipada till māgha pūrnima by ŚrIvidyopāsakās. Depending on one’s sampradāya, each navarātri is observed for 9 days or 15 days. Goddess Śyāmala being the Ākarṣaṇa śaktI of Lalitā parābhattarikā is worshiped in her Geya cakra (yantra) along with her retinues during this navarātri. If one desires to have upāsanā siddhi in Lalitopāsanā, he should approach parābhattārikā through Rāja Śyāmalā. In other words, the grace of Śyāmalā plays a vital role in pleasing the Supreme Goddess.

Anugraha śakti of Lalitā - Out of compassion, the grace of Lalitā descends towards the upāsakā in the form of Śyāmalā to uplift him in Her path(upāsanā). This is also called śaktipāta.

Ākarṣana śakti of Lalitā – parāmbikā draws Her devotees closer to her through Śyāmalā. She ensures that her devotees do not get carried away with worldly distractions and continue to tread steadily in Her path.

Buddhi śakti of Lalitā - She was born out of Lalitā’s intellect. True spiritual knowledge rests upon buddhi śakti which is the power of the higher mind to discern the Truth from the false, the eternal from the transient, the real from the unreal and light from darkness. She directs the devotee in the form of intuition.

Sankalpa śakti of Lalitā – She is the will power of devi, present in every atom of the universe. Her grace is important to realize and accomplish one’s deeper motivation. Saṅkalpa is determination. Will power is a one-pointed mind plus determination. Worshipping Her will help us accomplish goals (both spiritual & material).

Those initiated into Śrī Mātaṅgi mantras may experience divine visions and/or fulfillment of wishes. All others can recite the 108 names -  or the stotram itself. The kavacam is a must for those reciting Her mantras. All others can also recite the kavacam during these nine nights. Followers of Śrī Śyāmalā Devi may also recite the hymn called Śyāmalā Daṇḍakaṃ, written by the celebrated poet Kālidāsa.

Those initiated into the mantras of Śrī Rāja Śyāmala, can recite the mantras associated with Her aṅga devatās and Herself in the following manner for each day/night of the navarātris -

1. Laghu Śyāmala 2. Vāgvādinī Śyāmala 3. Nakulī Śyāmala 4. Hasanti Śyāmala 5. Sarvasiddhi Mātaṅgi 6. Vaśya Mātaṅgi 7. Sārikā Śyāmala 8. Śuka Śyāmala 9. Rāja Śyāmala.


Worshippers of the Divine Mother Kāli, may recite any of Her kavaca-s, stotra-s. Those with mantra initiations may experience wish fulfillment and all round happiness and prosperity. Performing the Mahāṣoḍhā nyāsa is a great plus during these nine festive nights.

For 2023, the dates of the Magha Navarātri-s are 22nd January to - 30th January Indian Standard Time. Readers may adjust check the corresponding local time, based on the lunar calendar for that location.

This article is written by Krishna Vallapareddy and can be contacted at

Photo: Courtesy Ruslan